Built to get you paid faster

Shara is a digital platform that allows your business to send receipts and invoices on SMS or WhatsApp, track who owes you money, send free reminders and statements to your clients.

Simple. Free. Secure.

Free SMS Reminders

Tired of chasing your clients for payment? Schedule free reminders to be sent to them once off or on a regular basis.


Need to keep your records where they can’t be lost or looked at by anyone? Shara protects your data so no employee or authority can access your records without your permission. They’re in your control.

Keep Your Client Statements

Run a business that requires you to send regular statements to your clients? Shara allows you to send free professional statements tailored to you.

Real-Time Payment

Tired of some clients paying through mobile money others paying through bank transfer? Can’t tell who’s paid you and when? Shara provides a free and secure wallet entirely in your control.